Mix Youtube videos like a true DJ! https://dj.tflcl.xyz
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Mix Youtube videos like a pro DJ!


This website is a tribute to the old twoyoutubevideosandamotherfuckingcrossfader.com. It's a simple way to play music from Youtube and smoothly fade between tracks thanks to the crossfader.

What's next?

Maybe one day

  • Search videos straight from the app (needs API key and calls)
  • Compatibility with Bandcamp music (not sure if it can be done without too much hacks)
  • A playlist of to-be-played tracks that can be added manually ("add url") or through the search
  • A history of played tracks?

Should be done quickly

  • Clean code (especially old P5JS)
  • Sanitize it (naming, organization, comments...)
  • Add current tracks/playlists as hashes in the URL so we can share track combinations
  • Better indication of the video current status (playing or paused),maybe using outline on the iframe, or changing the box-shadow color?

External resources and inspiration


Bandcamp fetching