17 Commits (master)

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TFLCL b24bfc0240 Commented testing js lines 1 year ago
TFLCL ee487c5fd7 Added search function using YT data API. Fixed slider and scrollbar on web kit. Minor changes 1 year ago
TFLCL 1e3e238582 Added testing if client is running on a mobile phone (which might not work with this website due to some limitation) 2 years ago
TFLCL 48d6387d69 removed Jenkinsfile, reformated main.js 2 years ago
TFLCL 0ceb62b819 Fixed an issue where setTimeout('functionName()', time) would be blocked by CSP 2 years ago
TFLCL 9b8e6f5771 Added contact link, commented Bandcamp related stuff 2 years ago
TFLCL 538f3352c3 Added social meta; a bit of cleaning 2 years ago
TFLCL 6d916f1951 CSS+Vanilla JS shooting stars (P5JS no longuer in use but still there); more styling; favicons; Trying to get in touch with Bandcamp 2 years ago
TFLCL abc6095610 Added a footer; Added ability to export P5JS result to SVG; Replaced P5JS background by static SVG 2 years ago
TFLCL 56e9a0b7f2 Added shooting starts, configured Umami 2 years ago
TFLCL 498a4f7ac5 Added shooting start, adding Umami 2 years ago
TFLCL 0b959203a3 Added a fancy background using p5js 2 years ago
TFLCL 4ae0fd39bb a bit of cleaning and bug fix (box-shadow not updating at launch ; player attempting to load playlist when a single video is given) 2 years ago
TFLCL b68877e7d3 Proper (yet more complex) volume calculation. Now changing the volume slider also takes into account the crossfader coef. 2 years ago
TFLCL 89241e8729 Now playlists are loaded with the correct track (if an index is provided) 2 years ago
TFLCL 365163fb40 Added speedrate control 2 years ago
TFLCL ac34e88809 Added a load button, changed the crossfader curve 2 years ago
TFLCL 42f4c992fe First commit, proof of concept 2 years ago